Style Number: HCH-M001

Mesh: 1*1mm

Thickness: 0.7mm

Width most Availability:  4.1m

  Weight: 450g/m2

 Coating: Teflon®

Tensile Strength: 390/320(N/cm)

Elongation Tension Area: <1.1%

Edge Reinforcement: Teflon®Film

Maximum operation
[≧ ]

Continuous: 260

Woven Substrate

Warp: Fiberglass

Intermittent: 340

Weft: Fiberglass

Application: HUI CHENG®Teflon® PTFE Mesh specialty Coated Fiberglass, Kevlar® Fiber and Nomex® Fiber specialty tapes. Provide excellent release, dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength Operating temperature range (from -73≧ to +260≧), coated fabrics using a variety of splices and special offer excellent abrasion resistance and excellent resist medicament property resist antistatic applied It is impervious to virtually all chemical attack. Mesh Conveyer belting quantity of heat Transmission belt, which is include food cooking and pharmaceutical processing, They are also used in drying applications such as textile printing and finishing, textile fusing, pulp and paper, heat sealing mechanical, anti-static, porous specialty tape, standard equipment treating material promise long-life.

PTFE Teflon Edge reinforcement material

1. Feature: our edge reinforcement is made from a special roughcast coated with PFTE, it has best capability of insulating, anti-aging, chemical resistance and widely application, the film is non-direction film, which also could be made into directional and semi-directional film by molding.

2. Application: lining and lubricative material, insulator used under different frequencies, capacitor media, insulator for electrical wire and electrical instruments and so on.

Belt Splices
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